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Nude Male Art

Nude Male Art

We offer the very finest products featuring that art of the male nude.


Nude Male Ar is devoted to the serious study of the male body and its depiction through the ages and cultures of mankind. In these pages you will be exposed to how naked men have been depicted with many examples and in-depth analysis.

This site is not intended to be pornographic. Pornography is the use of the nude solely for the purpose of arousing sexual desire. However, those sensitive to depictions of male nudes should feel warned that there is no room for prudery on this site.

There has traditionally been much attention paid to the art of the depiction of the female nude. But serious discussions and studies of male nudes have been much more limited. This site attempts to redress that imbalance. If you have any suggestions for artists, movements, or artworks that are not covered here, please contact us.


Young Man Striding by Troy Capeton


The School of Plato by jean Delville


Running for Water by Troy Caperton


Sleeping Beauty by Troy Caperton


Sleepers by Troy Caperton


Nude in the Southwest by Nude Male Art


Waiting for Me by Nude Male Art


Man and Bath by Nude Male Art


Antinous of Pergamon by Nude Male Art


Alone Together by Nude Male Art


Shoulder to Shoulder by Nude Male Art


Naked on a Rail by Nude Male Art


On the Beach by Nude Male Art


Kissing by Nude Male Art


Chatting by Nude Male Art


Gunner by Nude Male Art


Under the Western Sun by Nude Male Art


Sad Bath by Nude Male Art


Before the Bunkhouse by Nude Male Art


Melampous, son of Poseidon by Nude Male Art


Embrace by Nude Male Art


Young Love by Nude Male Art


Walk With Me by Nude Male Art


Achilles and Patroclus by Nude Male Art


Crawling in a Lagoon by Troy Caperton


Couple by Troy Caperton


Noli Me Tangere by Troy Caperton


Seated Male by Troy Caperton


Castor and Pollux by Troy Caperton


Cowboy Before Bath by Troy Caperton


Nude Young Man by Henry Scott Tuke


In the Afternoon by Troy Caperton


Summer Day in the Garden by Troy Caperton


Kiss on a Bench by Troy Caperton


By the Sea by Troy Caperton


Shame by Troy Caperton


Holding Two by Troy Caperton


Last Cigarette by Troy Caperton


Rivals, Friends or Lovers by Troy Caperton


Weary by Troy Caperton


Kiss in the Bath by Troy Caperton


The Love of Art by Troy Caperton


Phosphorus and Hesperus by Evelyn De Morgan


Hold On by Troy Caperton


With You Two by Troy Caperton


Telemachus Awaiting Odysseus by Troy Caperton


In the Garage by Troy Caperton


Cupidon by William Adolphe Bouguereau